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Intermodal Container Logistics

Intermodal Container Logistics

As one of the largest container operators for Eurasian rail transportation, we are continuously developing, organizing and marketing our Europe-wide network for combined road-rail (FOT-FOR) mode of transportation.

Our two main railway products are currently the container trains with the routing from Hamburg or Duisburg to Brest (Belarus). Both trains run twice a week in the round-trip. At the Gateway Brest there are forwarding options to all terminals in the CIS, Mongolia and China for transports in east direction. For West transports, the same applies for European freight stations.

It doesn’t matter whether You would like to transport container in a single or groupage shipment, or You do want us to create a concept of a block train with fixed departure times: Our qualified staff will meet every logistical challenge and work on each of your requests individually and with great care. You receive our transport offer promptly and guaranteed optimally „combined“.

Take advantage of our network – especially or transport over longer distances:

• With speed and moderate disposition schedule
• High performance with large quantitative transport volume
• Smaller CO2 footprint, low energy consumption compared to sea shipments and pure truck transports
• High level of safety


We would like to help You in the following matters:

• Creation of concept for Your transports (national & international)
• Logistics management for Your transport (forwarding, handling & transport)

… and Operations:

• Supply of rail cars & rail car maintenance
• Traction services (national & international)
• Shunting services
• Supply of personnel (drivers, shunters and wagon master)


Handlings at the trimodal terminals (ship/rail/truck) Eurokombi in Hamburg and Duisburg DIT, RRT Rhein-Ruhr

• Transshipment of the containers, which are delivered by truck or by antenna connections
at the terminals
• Marshalling and timetabled shipments of trains to Małaszewicze (Europort) and Brest
• Intermediate storage of containers if required