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Who we are

Who we are

RTSB is a service-oriented transportation company, which centers the development of new and the optimization of current transport routes in intermodal rail freight forwarding. Thus, RTSB creates for freight forwarders and shippers significant benefits in terms of flexibility, reliability, price stability and monitoring of the entire transport chain.

Where we come from

RTSB, a privately owned family business, was established on 8-th of October 1996 in Germany. The founders of the company have realized early on that with the opening of the Eastern European and Central Asian markets, a strong need for standardized transportation services in Europe arose. From the beginning, the company focused on innovation and global presence. Thanks to the international presence, we can offer our transportation services in almost all places in the world and respond to the needs of each region.

Where we are today

Today the RTSB is one of the Germany’s leading rail forwarders. It relies on four strong core businesses:

• Intermodal shipments Europe ↔ China, CIS, Mongolia, Turkey & Iran
• Container supply in Europe, China, CIS, Mongolia, Turkey & Iran
• Block Train operator with own railway rolling stock
• Customized rail logistics projects

Our mission statement:
„Do that what your customer needs next.“

We are aware how important it is to provide logistic solutions available today while developing alternative routes constellations for tomorrow. We are passionately working to optimize the logistics processes and to improve the service for our customers continuously.

Focus on innovation and service

Innovation means for us the provision and distribution differentiated railway-logistic products and services that cause a noticeable optimization in the handling of shipments to our customers. As a market-leading rail transportation company, we always incorporate the latest infrastructural changes and transport facilities in the route configuration of our products.

Individual logistics

The diversity and complexity of supply chains yield for each customer different requirements for an economic supply and logistics. The offer of a single solution for all is no longer appropriate. RTSB is targeting the path of individual logistics and creates a head start in handling future challenges in transportation.

Take advantage of our network – especially or transport over longer distances:

• With speed and moderate disposition schedule
• High performance with large quantitative transport volume
• Smaller CO2 footprint, low energy consumption compared to sea shipments and pure truck transports
• High level of safety

We would like to assist You in the following matters:

• Creation of concept for Your transports (national & international)
• Logistics management for Your transport (forwarding, handling & transport)

…and Operations:

  •  Supply of rail cars & rail car maintenance
  •  Traction services (national & international)
  • Shunting services
  • Supply of personnel (drivers, shunters and wagon master)
  • Founded in 1996
  • Corporate office in Friedrichsdorf, GERMANY
  • 5,545 customers worldwide
  • 2,554 partners and suppliers worldwide
  • Approximately 25,000 full containers shipped annually
  • Cover branches in almost every country between Europe and China
  • On site employees on every border crossing with gauge transshipment
  • Offer multiple weekly train, truck & ship departures on all major terminals and ports
  • Strategy: Self-funded organization, centers the development of new and the optimizationof current transport routes in intermodal logistics