RTSB GmbH Abteilung in Malaszewicze

ul. Kolejarzy 21

21-540 Malaszewicze / Poland

Tel./Fax: 0048 83 - 3437448


RTSB GmbH Malaszewicze

RTSB GmbH Malaszewicze

Brest MalaAgency for reexpedition and logistics
With the opening of a subsidiary in Poland we offer our customers an exclusive service at the valuable strategic border crossing Malaszewicze / Brest. The broad range of services provided by our branch extend from the reexpedition in Malaszewicze to the issue of shipping documents as SMGS / CIM or T1. Our staff is well-informed about the customs rules in the railway freight forwarding and has the necessary knowledge of the characteristics of the work on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The stop in Brest/Malaszewicze serves the purpose of changing the gauge from 1435mm to 1520mm. It is also a hub for connections to multiple destinations within Europe, the Russian Federation, Belarus, the Ukraina and Kazakhstan. It is common practice that one 1520-train with a length of 1,000m is formed by two EU- European wagon-trains with a length of 500-600m arriving or departing at the Poland-Belarus gauge change stations.


A brief overview of RTSB services in Malaszewicze:

• Reexpedition of container and wagon transport
• Forwarding and transshipment of goods in import, export or transit
• Import, export and transit customs clearance
• Issue of SMGS/CIM